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Walter "Matt" Jefferies was born on August 12th 1921.
Matt Jefferies the creator of the Starship Enterprise

Matt at work.

Walter “Matt” Jefferies is best known for his work as art director of the original Star Trek television series and for designing the most widely recognized spacecraft of all time, the U. S. S. Enterprise. In 1966, Matt was hired by Warner Brothers as technical adviser on the movie Bombers B-52. A script writer, Gene Roddenberry, with Desilu Studios, hired Matt to design a spaceship for a new TV series titled Star Trek. Matt also designed the Bridge, the first handheld 'phaser' and the Klingon Battle Cruiser.
Acknowledging his creative contribution to the Original Series of Star Trek, artists who have followed in Matt Jefferies' footsteps have paid homage to his genius for over forty years. Read their thoughts and accolades expressed in the pages of Beyond the Clouds.

The "All American" and WWII

After a devastating mid-air collision with a German fighter over North Africa the B-17 bomber "All American" landed safely at a remote desert airfield. It was methodically rebuilt, striped of all armament and flown by a new crew of four. Among these crew members was Matt Jefferies, who served as flight engineer and co-pilot. No longer a bomber, unarmed and incapable of defending itself, the All American was assigned to carry out special secret missions over enemy held territory.
An interesting sidelight to the All American saga was a photograph taken of the crippled bomber in flight. The photograph became instantly famous and was used to promote warbond sales throughout the war.

Crew of Four, Matt is second from the left.
Walter "Matt" Jefferies Died on July 21st 2003.
Matt restored this WACO

Restored Waco.
Weaver Aircraft produced the WACO YOC custom cabin plane in 1935. It was unique because of it's luxurious cabin style. This particular WACO was originally licensed to the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana. Matt found the plane at Reno airport, in a weed covered field at the end of the runway. Once it was confirmed that the engine would start, a deal was made to purchase it from the owner. With parachute in hand, Matt boarded the WACO and flew it to Santa Paula, California. For the next 8 years, Matt painstakely restored the WACO. Matt's WACO is now on permanant display at the Virginia Aviation Museum in Richmond.
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Matt's Biography - Beyond the Clouds - by Richard L. Jefferies

This beautiful, 326 page, 200+ image, full-color, biography goes beyond Jefferies’ life as an artist. Jefferies was a charming and genteel Southerner whose eventful childhood and love of aviation propelled him to become a high-flying visionary. Illustrated with images of his striking paintings, Jefferies’ story is enriched with a historical backdrop, personal anecdotes, and plenty of information on Star Trek, aviation, and set design. The unique fusion of art and aircraft is revealed through pages that trace the life and times of the aviation expert who helped shape the face of science fiction.
This fascinating biography is available online by clicking on the "Buy the Book" link. It's been asked: "who better to write Matt's biography than his younger brother Richard." For more information about the author, visit thte Buy the Book page. Included on the page is the authors bio and a schedule of the time and places of book signings.

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